While Dreaming is a living project meant to examine the content of the human soul through the mediums of photography and digital art. This is an ongoing endeavor accomplished through collaboration with the talents of models, cosmetologists, and artists both local and abroad. I personally extend an invitation for you to take this journey with me, through corridors of romance and tragedy, pleasure and pain, the mundane and the unreal, and everything in between.

My name is Robert Pruett. I first started this project in 2010, but I’ve been an enthusiastic photographer since I could hold a camera. Every day I find myself surrounded by what strikes me as beautiful, emotionally compelling imagery. I see beauty in the ordinary and extraordinary alike. My hope is to capture that beauty in a way that can be shared and enjoyed. I invite you to dive in and explore the world through my eyes.

In the war against closed minds, the camera is my weapon. By releasing the shutter I fire into the world a spark of creativity with the hope it breeds introspection and insight. I seek to gain perspective and to share it with the world.

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